The web of obsession, lies and deceit continues to unfold in the the tumultuous story of Jennifer and her husband, Jeffrey. He is so obsessed with his wife, he goes to extreme measures to spy on her and keep her under his control. Jennifer says his jealous and possessive ways push her toward divorce.


See their first appearance.


After the Last Show

Jeffrey chooses to seek inpatient treatment at Creative Care in California, while Jennifer heads home to their children. When private investigators do a sweep of their house, what do they find?


"My hope is that I can finally just be happy."

Life on Her Own

After living without Jeffrey for two weeks, Jennifer finds inner strength " until she receives an urgent call from Creative Care. A video diary reveals her raw emotions, and she seeks the advice of an attorney.


"He'll do anything he can to hurt me."

Reality Sets In

Jennifer details Jeffrey's devious behaviors since he's been in treatment. Why does she say she fears for her safety? And Jeffrey's doctor has a strong warning for Jennifer.


"If I have to, I'll have him arrested."

Jeffrey's Turn

After spending the first part of the show sequestered backstage, Jeffrey joins Dr. Phil onstage with an update on his progress. Is Jeffrey being honest with himself?


Will Jeffrey decide to go home, or return to Creative Care? 



Find out where Jeffrey is now!