The rules of etiquette often go ignored in today's society, but there are certain rules that just can't be ignored. For instance, what falls in and outside the boundaries of proper table manners? What's considered an appropriate tip for a waitress? And, is it socially acceptable to "re-gift"?
Dr. Phil tackles these questions and more with the help of "The Queen of Etiquette," Peggy Post. Together they offer advice on a wide range of etiquette dilemmas.

Table Manners
Billie-Jeanne is afraid that her husband's Shrek-like table manners of burping, slurping and passing gas are leaving a bad impression on their two young boys.


View the advice Dr. Phil and Peggy Post offer this couple.

 See how they're doing now.


Tipping Etiquette
Who should you tip? When do you tip? How much do you tip? And, what's with all the "tip jars"? Are they presumptuous or not? Dr. Phil talks with several guests who don't see eye to eye when it comes to tipping etiquette.


View the advice Dr. Phil and Peggy Post offer about tipping.


Is recycling a gift " giving a gift that you received to someone else as a gift " acceptable etiquette?



View Peggy Post's advice.

Extra Content

Book: The Gift of Good Manners
Author: Peggy Post
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers