Dr. Phil goes inside the horrifying story of a 9-year-old boy who was allegedly held prisoner in his own home for three years. His father, Randall Piercy, is behind bars, charged with torturing his little son and locking him away from the rest of the world. Randall says he's a loving father, wrongly accused, but authorities found the boy in deplorable conditions. Is justice served with Randall behind bars, or is this a simple case of an overprotective father taking measures to protect his son?



Randall has two older sons, Josh and Jacob, who offer two widely divergent accounts of what went on in the family home. Dr. Phil sits down with Jacob, who says life in the house was like being in hell.


"It was like a torture chamber."


Abuser or Protective Father?

Dr. Phil goes to the prison where Randall Piercy is incarcerated, has a face-to-face discussion with the alleged abuser and asks some hard questions.


Why does Randall say he locked his son's door from the outside?

A Firsthand Look

Dr. Phil takes a tour of the Piercy family home to see for himself what conditions the boy was living under. He then sits down with two of Randall Piercy's biggest supporters: His mother and his oldest son, Josh. 


 "He's more of a perfectionist than a control freak."

Contrasting Accounts

The story takes an even darker turn as Dr. Phil uncovers allegations of abuse against Jacob. Find out what he says in his own defense and in reaction to his father's words. 


Does Jacob have a score to settle with his father?

Put to the Test

Dr. Phil asked Randall and both of his older sons to take a lie detector test. Find out who passes, who fails, and who refuses to take it at all.


"Did you ever witness your brother locked in his room during the day?"

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