Dr. Phil's guests get manicures and facials and go on shopping sprees. They're not sexy divas; they're high-maintenance husbands. Their wives say they look at them and wonder, "Who's the girl here?"



Sabotaging His Manhood?

Abbie says her husband, A.J., takes forever in the bathroom, because he's tweezing, waxing, moisturizing and even putting on makeup. She wants him to be more macho. A.J. admits he's a prima donna but says it's because he's an artist.


"A.J. is robbing me of my role as a woman."



Role Reversal

Joleen says her husband, German, prefers to do the cooking and cleaning and leave all the heavy lifting for her. She cleans gutters, chops wood and makes hauls to the dump! German says he goes crazy when Joleen comes home and has a beer instead of helping him with chores.


"My husband is often the nagging wife."

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