Every teenage girl wanted to be her and every teenage boy wanted to date her. With her signature perfectly brushed long hair, Marcia Brady, of the hit early 1970s TV show The Brady Bunch, epitomized the wholesome American girl. But the true life of Marcia Brady, whose real name is Maureen McCormick, is far from the world of lighthearted blended-family conflicts that played out on the sitcom in which she starred. Today she is embroiled in a family battle where brother is pitted against brother and father against daughter. Maureen believes her brother, Kevin, has literally brainwashed her father to alienate him from Maureen and the rest of her family, including his grandchildren. She comes to Dr. Phil desperate for help to save her family.



Not-So-Happy Reunion

Maureen describes a childhood not so different from The Brady Bunch. So how did her real life family come to be so divided? Then, she confronts her father and brother for the first time in two years, and the episode shocks even Dr. Phil.


"You've done nothing but lie, lie, lie, and that's it."



Making Sense out of Nonsense

Dr. Phil sits down with Maureen and her brother, Michael, to try and make sense of the conflict. Plus, Maureen's father and brother, Kevin, make some shocking accusations of their own.



"Why did you spend all your money as a B actress on cocaine and admit to it?"



Going to Court

Two days after Maureen and her brother meet with Dr. Phil, the case takes a major twist. Her father asks the court for a restraining order and Maureen is served with notice papers.



Does the judge decide to grant the restraining order?



If you believe a friend or loved one is a victim of elder abuse, contact your local authorities.