Are you modeling behavior that is harming your children? Do you say things to your kid you wish you could take back? Or, are you clueless about how to raise a teen? Dr. Phil has advice for making it through tricky parenting dilemmas.


Football Fantasy

Justin is in 10th grade and says he doesn't want to go to school anymore. His dream is to work for the NFL draft, and he believes nothing he's learning will help him achieve that goal.


When Dr. Phil surprises Justin, will he change his mind?


Ready to Call Time-Out

Tom and Kathy say their 8-year-old son is way too competitive when it comes to sports. He hates losing so much that he pounds his head in his hands and calls himself stupid when he doesn't win.


Could their son be learning his behavior inside the home?


Scared to Go to Sleep

Roger and Tracy say their 5-year-old son screams whenever bedtime rolls around, because he's afraid of ghosts and monsters and believes that red eyes are peeking at him through the window.


What can this family do to get a good night's rest?


Becoming a Parent Overnight

Kenneth is a single dad raising his 13-year-old daughter. He says he needs help because he's clueless when it comes to boys, makeup and cell phones.


"I didn't want her to hate me." 


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