The doctors are in! Drs. Ordon, Masterson, Brown and Stork return to help Dr. Phil address startling medical dilemmas.



In the News

Dr. Phil and his team of experts discuss controversial headlines, like the parents who wanted to stunt the growth of their disabled daughter, Ashley.

"They're making a little pocket pal of a human being."



Physician Phobia

Pamela, 45, has a paralyzing fear of physicians. She was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease six years ago, and hasn't set foot in a doctor's office since then. Now she worries that her health is deteriorating.


Dr. Stork makes a house call!



The Business of Making Babies 

Denise and her husband, Steve, have been trying to get pregnant for three years. Steve says they agreed that when their last in vitro attempt failed, they would stop making their sex life about getting pregnant, but Denise desperately wants a baby.


Should Denise keep trying to conceive or just move on?


Mommy Makeover? 

Having four kids wreaked havoc on Casey's body, and now she wants cosmetic surgery. Her husband, Jonathan, says a tummy tuck is too expensive and thinks Casey can get in shape by doing more sit-ups.


See Dr. Phil's surprise for Casey.


Potty Training Tweens and Teens? 

Doug and his wife, Beth, have two sons plagued with encopresis " an inability to properly go to the bathroom. The couple says they've tried everything to get their 9- and 15-year-olds fully toilet trained, but the smell and laundry costs are tearing this family apart.


"I feel like I live in a giant germ house."

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