Do you have a habit that drives your spouse nuts? Dr. Phil says that even if your mate's quirks drive you crazy, they shouldn't drive you to divorce.

Dr. Phil and Robin's Pet Peeves
Dr. Phil's wife, Robin, spills the beans and talks about the things that really annoy her husband. Then Dr. Phil turns the tables and allows Robin to reveal which of his habits annoy her! 


Packrat Husband
Debbie has been living with Roger for 18 years. "He never throws anything away," complains Debbie. "I recently discovered a receipt from 1950." She recently gave him an ultimatum: "The junk, or me."



Politically Incorrect
Kay is so embarrassed by her husband Dan's constant inappropriate comments that she wants him to keep his mouth shut in public. "I'm not prejudiced," explains Dan. "I hate everybody."



Procrastinating Wife
Walt says his wife Shawn's procrastinating is costing him time, space and money. "I have to lie about the time and set the clocks ahead just to get her to places on time," explains Walt.


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