How far would you go to be a mother? Three women yearning to have a baby say they would risk everything to get pregnant.



"I See Other Men as Sperm Donors"

When Keith and Tonya tied the knot, they agreed they wouldn't have children. Six years later, Tonya has had a change of heart and is now obsessed with having a baby, but Keith opposes the idea.



Will the baby talk end their wedded bliss?



"I'd Keep Trying until I was Broke"

Eric and Michelle have been married for a year but haven't been able to conceive. Eric refuses to spend another dime on fertility treatments because he says there's no guarantee. Michelle won't take no for an answer.


"Emotionally, we're both drained. Financially, we're draining."



Fifth Attempt at In Vitro

Dr. Phil fitness expert, Robert Reames, and his wife, Arminae, share their five-year struggle to become parents for the second time. Are their donor eggs healthy enough to be implanted, and will they bring another life into this world?


Get Robert and Arminae's update.