Affairs, fights, lies and dark secrets have divided family and friends. Brandon, a handsome, charming firefighter, has an ugly secret. One year into his marriage to Amy, he was caught cheating with their teenage nanny. What led Brandon to file for divorce? What was behind Amy's decision to obtain a restraining order? Why does Amy's best friend refuse to speak to her? And, why are Amy's parents threatening to cut her off financially?


The affair with a teenage nanny that has turned into a soap opera saga.



The Restraining Order

Amy says she feared for her life, so she asked her friends and family, and the nanny, to testify in court to obtain a restraining order against Brandon. Now, Amy says she wants her husband back. Amy's parents and Heidi say, "Don't do it!"


Has Brandon really changed?



Tarnished Reputation? 

Brandon admits to having one affair, but he denies the other allegations. He says he's a changed man, but Amy is ruining his reputation.


"I feel really sad for the pain I caused anybody."



Will Dr. Phil advise Amy to stick by Brandon's side, or get away from Brandon while she can? Don't miss part 2 of this riveting show!