Dr. Phil turns up the heat on the fireman who slept with his teenage nanny, and delves deeper into the affair that shattered the lives of a husband and wife, and her best friend and parents.



More Shocking Accusations

Dr. Phil lists the surprising accusations against Brandon made by several other nannies. And, Heidi has a stern message for Brandon.



Did Brandon have affairs with nannies three, four and five?



Fearing for Their Daughter's Life

Amy's parents, Cyndie and Mont, worry about the well-being of their daughter and grandchildren. Cyndie says she's scared Brandon might cause them harm.



"I just think he's an explosion waiting to happen."



Children Caught in the Middle

What is the home environment like for the couple's children? Cyndie and Heidi claim Brandon's discipline crosses the line. Brandon says no parent is perfect.



Why did Brandon spray down his step-daughter with hose?



What's Next?

Does Amy believe Brandon has changed, and does that make her the "queen of denial"? And, after Dr. Phil asks Brandon some tough questions, does he think Brandon is ready to re-enter a relationship with Amy?


What caused Brandon to breakdown?



After the Taping

When the guests head backstage, they reflect on what they've heard.





"I did have a light bulb moment."