Do you kick yourself when you're down? Do you think you're a failure even when you succeed? What makes one person self-assured and another person self-doubting or even self-destructive?


Negative Labels

Dr. Phil talks to several guests about why they are lacking in self-esteem, asking them to pinpoint their defining moments, critical choices and pivotal people.


View their stories.


Exercises From Self Matters


A Self-Esteem Quiz

How much work do you have to do? Ask yourself these five questions about your self-esteem.


Defining Your Authentic Self

Are you living authentically? What is the authentic self?


Test of Congruency
What do you really think of yourself? Is your self-concept healthy? What would it be like if you were living your ideal life?


Defining Your External Factors

Half the battle is in identifying the external factors that shaped you. Even if you don't like yourself, you've got to figure out how you got to be who you are.


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