Secrets, aliases, disguises. These are some of the tactics Dr. Phil's guests have used to manipulate people and get what they want. See what happens when these liars and cons are confronted.



Benevolent Con Man?

Fred Brito is an ex-felon who spent years fabricating identities and falsifying resumes to obtain high-level jobs. He says he's faked being everything from a symphony conductor to a psychiatrist! Fred even posed as a priest and married couples in the Catholic church.


"I did some things that very few people are able to do."



Confronting the Con Man

Maria and Gene were married by "Father Fred" five years ago, and when they found out his true identity, they were devastated. The angry bride and groom face off with Fred.



Will Fred admit his wrongdoing?



Lying to be Loved

Linda says she had friends believing she was dying and needed a kidney transplant to save her life. She even lost 50 pounds and wore a dialysis tube to make her made-up illness seem more convincing.


Is she serious about getting help, or is this just another ruse?