Does it annoy you to no end when someone uses a cell phone at the dinner table or chews with his or her mouth open? Along with author Peggy Post, Dr. Phil tackles the dos and don'ts of etiquette.



Too Sexy for the Skies?

Kyla was flying to Phoenix on Southwest Airlines when an employee informed her that her outfit was too skimpy. Kyla saw nothing wrong with the way she was dressed and was appalled when she was asked to cover up.


Did Southwest go too far, or was Kyla too tantalizing for take-off? 


Bye, Bye Baby!

Kate took her 19-month-old son on his first flight, but she says she was removed from the plane when he became too talkative. Stacy, a passenger sitting behind Kate on the plane, weighs in via Web cam. 



Was the flight attendant out of line? 


Manic Mom?

Joan says she finds no peace at home because of all the noise her family makes, from loud chewing to clinking dinnerware. Her husband, Bob, says he and their three kids have to walk on eggshells around Joan just to eat dinner.


Is Joan overly sensitive, or does her family need to be reined in? 


Unhousebroken Hubby?

Kara calls her husband, Will, "gross" and "disgusting." She says he picks his nose, farts in public and uses the bathroom with the door open! Will says Kara needs to lighten up because he's just being a guy.



What does Dr. Phil think?


Miss Mannerless?

Vanessa nominated herself as having the worst etiquette in the country! She says she burps out loud, always stains her clothes and chews with her mouth open.



Can Peggy Post dethrone the tacky title-holder?

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Excuse Me, But I Was Next ...
By Peggy Post

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