Most everyone has thought about removing imperfections: a nip here, a tuck there. But what about people who want plastic surgery to erase their ethnic identity? Dr. Phil gives his take on divisive racial issues.



Judgmental James

James says he doesn't want to change anything about himself because Asians are intellectually superior. He also believes women should obey men. His wife, Roseanna, says he's a controlling racist who demeans women, and she says she needs help before he corrupts their son.


Is James a controlling bigot or simply misunderstood? 



An Eye-Opening Debate

Dr. Phil explores the pros and cons of a common cosmetic procedure for Asian women... and one of the most controversial! He talks to a woman who had a fold added to her upper eyelid, a plastic surgeon who performs these procedures and two guests who are against them.


"There are always patients who would like to become more Caucasian."


A Nose Only a Mother Could Love?

Brad says he hates his nose, and he wants plastic surgery to look "less Italian." His mother, Debbie, says she loves the way he looks – big schnoz and all!


Can Debbie convince Brad he's perfect before he goes under the knife?