Although they recently tied the knot, three couples say they skipped the honeymoon period, and they're already talking divorce! The wives say they're sick and tired of being controlled and belittled by their demanding, overbearing and chauvinistic husbands, so they're dragging them to Dr. Phil's Man Camp for a complete overhaul. It's not a one-way street though â€" the husbands have serious complaints about their better halves.

Jim and Kim got married only six weeks ago, but they're so miserable, they're ready to call it quits. Jim's job takes him away from home, but that doesn't stop this couple from fighting. Kim says her husband's nasty voicemail messages are just another way for him to verbally abuse and control her. Jim says his wife doesn't love him as much as she loves his paycheck.

Jack and Danielle are also only six weeks into their marriage but are already sleeping in separate beds and barely speaking to each other. Danielle says her husband is so controlling, he even tells her how to shower, and she's tired of his always throwing issues from her past in her face. Jack admits he's insecure about her romantic past and can't help bringing it up.

John and Karla have been married nine months but cameras in their home capture a volatile environment. Karla says John tries to control everything she does, including how much makeup she wears and how often she leaves the house. John says he's enraged by his wife's drinking and admits he's afraid of what he might do the next time she gets drunk. Does Karla have good reason to sleep with a knife under her pillow?


Part 1 Summary:
With their spouses watching from behind a two-way mirror, the husbands meet with Dr. Phil, who confronts them about physically and verbally abusing their wives. The men say they're ready to get real and deal with the unhealthy patterns that plague their marriage.

Then it's the wives' turn. When Dr. Phil accuses Karla of being inebriated, she vehemently denies it … even after he pulls a bottle of vodka out of her bag. But the two other women tell their account of what they witnessed earlier that day. Is it enough to force Karla to face the truth?


Part 2 Summary: 
When Dr. Phil confronted Karla about her inebriated state, she threatened to go home. Instead of moving into the house with the others, she's taken back to her hotel to sleep it off. The next day, a regretful Karla finally moves in and promises her husband, John, that she won't drink anymore.


After hearing the wives voice their doubts about the Man Camp process, Dr. Phil pays them a visit and tells them they need to trust him or go home. They recommit to the process, and Dr. Phil warns them that it won't be easy.


Next, Dr. Phil meets with Karla and John about her drinking problem and their physical fights in front of their kids. Dr. Phil plays a shocking scene in their home, caught on tape. After seeing how their fighting affects their toddler, Dr. Phil warns them it could be grounds for losing their kids. Then, Karla's father and the couple's neighbors make a surprise visit to confront them about their behavior. Will some caring words from close friends and family be a wake-up call?


Then, Jack and Danielle confront each other about lies and the lack of trust in their marriage.

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