Dr. Phil checks back in with some of his most talked about guests. From a terrified wife to a family attacked in their sleep, these were the guests who kept the viewers talking. How are they now?



An Obsession Unraveled

Jennifer was the target of her husband, Jeffrey's, obsession. He tracked her every move, locked her in the basement and took inappropriate photos of her. After Jeffrey violated a restraining order, he went to jail, and Jennifer moved away.


With Jeffrey now out of jail, is Jennifer safe?

Raging Teen

Seventeen-year-old Melinda was so full of rage, she threw appliances, punched holes in the wall and chased her sister with a baseball bat. Her mother, Traci, and sister, Amanda, were afraid to be around her.


Has she learned to control her violent outbursts?

Anxiety Update

Kim was afraid of germs and often ran in circles in the backyard to deal with her anxiety. Her family said she drove them crazy with her obsessive cleanliness " She even wiped down other people's children if they got too close!


Is she still washing her hands 40 times a day?

Turning Hatred into Acceptance

Six people with different prejudices moved into The Dr. Phil House to challenge their beliefs and learn tolerance and acceptance. After all their hard work, Dr. Phil rewarded them with a trip to the Caribbean.


"I'm a better person because of Dr. Phil."

A Light in the Dark

George and Liz were struggling to parent deafblind triplets, and their marriage suffered. Dr. Phil surprised them with the help of an intervenor, who has been working with Zoe. This story struck a chord with viewers at home.


"It's a miracle that so many people would care about my little babies."



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Starting Over

Greg and Estella were attacked in their sleep by an intruder with a hatchet. Miraculously, they survived, but the trauma left them unable to feel safe in their own home. Dr. Phil toured the scene of the crime and then sent in reinforcements.


See their amazing home makeover!



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