Friday's debate over the Jena 6 grew so heated, the Dr. Phil show needed to keep the cameras rolling! Now, see the show that happened after the show, when Dr. Phil returns to the stage and speaks with members of his audience on both sides of the issue. 


A Community Divided

Richard Barrett, self-proclaimed leader in the nationalist "Skinheadz" movement gets into a heated debate with Rev. Brian Moran, a supporter of Mychal Bell. 


"The Constitution doesn't give you the right to incite violence!"



Serious Allegations

Dr. Phil has some hard questions for the attorney of Mychal Bell, the only one of the Jena 6 kept in prison these past 10 months. How does she respond to accusations that money donated for her client's defense was being spent inappropriately?


"I understood that your representation of them was pro bono."



A Bold Departure

The debate grows so heated, one of Dr. Phil's most vocal guests storms out of the studio.




"I am not the enemy. I'm really not."



A Community Discussion

The Barkers sit down with Dr. Phil in his studio, while in Jena, Bishop T.D. Jakes meets with friends and family of the Jena 6, as well as community leaders. The entire group is linked via satellite to have a discussion in the spirit of unity.


Can they move forward and heal the tension in this town?



Recent Developments

Mychal Bell was recently released from prison on $45,000 bond. His family invited Bishop T.D. Jakes into their home for his first interview since his 10-month stay behind bars.



"He's like a shining star to me."