Dr. Phil takes goes inside the unthinkable: making your own child sick to fulfill a disturbing need for attention. The idea might sound unimaginable, but for people with a psychological disorder called Munchausen by Proxy, it's irresistible. Note: Viewer discretion is advised.


A Terrifying Disorder
In disturbing footage captured by hidden cameras, mothers and fathers cause harm to their children. Dr. Phil examines some parents with the disorder and their unsettling actions.

How far will these parents go?



A Cry for Attention?
Dr. Phil looks into the mind of Tracy, who was convicted of trying to harm her youngest daughter by constantly keeping her sick. Hear from Tracy's oldest daughter, Heather, who survived years of her mother's abuse.

Learn Heather's dark secret about what her mother buried in their back yard.



Filling a Void?
Dr. Phil makes a phone call to Tracy in prison. Will she acknowledge the problem with her parenting? And could she be preparing to have another child? Hear Dr. Phil's strong words for this Munchausen mom. Plus, how are Tracy's children doing now that she is out of their lives?

"Did you murder your child?"




Inside the Munchausen Mind
Dr. Phil speaks with Dr. Judith Libow, an expert on Munchausen by proxy. Could someone you love be in danger? Learn the warning signs. Plus, Pam and Jessie receive a delightful surprise!


Two worthy families showered with treats!

Extra Content

Hurting for Love, Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome by Dr. Judith Libow