Ask any teenager, and he or she will tell you how tough life is: schoolwork, dating and dealing with pushy parents. But imagine having two kids while you're still in high school. Dr. Phil sits down with Corey and Kim, a troubled young couple, to see if their relationship can be saved.



Toxic Teens

Laurie says her 18-year-old son, Corey, is in a tumultuous relationship with his 20-year-old wife, Kim. The couple fell in love while barely out of junior high, but their crush quickly turned to chaos.


What's behind the couple's dramatic confrontations?



A Set Up?

Laurie began taping Kim's conversations after Kim filed a protective order against Corey. She says Kim told the police Corey was threatening her with a knife, yet Kim was still begging her husband to return home a few hours later.


"She's literally blackmailing him."




Another Statistic?

Dr. Phil offers some sobering facts on teen marriages and wonders if Kim and Corey will be able to salvage their toxic marriage.



What needs to happen to protect their young kids?