Does someone in your life do something so bizarre that you have to ask, "Is this normal?" Dr. Phil's guests confront loved ones about their unusual behavior.



Pampered Pooch

Linda says her dog, Sasha, is a human in dog's skin who loves to wear costumes and eat human food. Linda's future daughter-in-law, Jill, says Linda's puppy love is over the top " and she doesn't want Sasha to host her bridal shower!


"I would love for Sasha to be a flower girl."



Too Old to Be a Rock Star?

Mary says it's time for her husband, Eric, to give up his dream of being a rock-and-roll drummer and get a real job. Eric says he's been "hitting the cymbals" since they got married 27 years ago " so why should he change now?


Dr. Phil has a question for Mary.



To Fight or Not to Fight

Tara says she and her boyfriend never fight and have only had one disagreement in their two-year relationship. Since Dr. Phil says occasional fights are healthy and normal, she wants to know if not fighting is a concern. 


Do Dr. Phil and Robin ever fight?



Unpredictable Temperament

Amber says her fiancé, Colin, has a personality that confuses and concerns her. She says one minute, he's the nicest guy in the world, and the next, he's blowing up over nothing. Colin says Amber is just being sensitive. 


Should Amber call off the wedding?



Food Weirdo?

Christine admits she's a picky eater who has to dissect her food before she can take a bite. Her friend, Mark, says eating with her is annoying and bizarre. Her diet consists of french fries, potato chips, ranch dressing, mayonnaise ...


... and chicken skin!



Spouse vs. Sport

Melissa had a skydiving accident that left her in the hospital for three days with a fractured back. She can't wait to jump out of a plane again, but her husband wants her to quit her dangerous hobby. 


 Should she pursue her passion even though it terrifies her spouse?