Have you ever been so devastated after a breakup that you wanted someone to literally pay for your broken heart? Or, have you ever wanted to exact revenge on someone who you believe stole a lover away from you? Dr. Phil's guests are broken-hearted lovers entangled in nasty lawsuits.


Litigious Love Affair

When Bonnie and Charles broke up, she says he went to an unexpected low. He wrote and distributed The Bonnie Chronicles, a diary that she says is all vicious lies.


"Charlie did everything he could to destroy my life."



Charles Chimes In

In his book, Charles claims Bonnie has seasonal bipolar disorder, was exposed to HIV and is promiscuous. He says that even though Bonnie won the court battle, he's not paying her a dime because the book was the truth!


"I'm not the son of a bitch she makes me out to be."



Friends and Family Weigh In

The Bonnie Chronicles had the entire town talking. Sandra, Charles' ex-wife, and Sharon, Bonnie's best friend, defend their loved ones. Plus, hear from Charles' daughter and neighbor.



"What's the next step? I think it's murder."



Paying for a Crime of Passion

Dawn unknowingly had an affair with a married man and was sued by her lover's wife under a law called Alienation of Affection. And, DrPhil.com viewers speak out on this hot topic.



Paying greatly for falling in love. 

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