Americans were shocked to see an inebriated David Hasselhoff on videotape allegedly asking his 16-year-old daughter to record him. Should teens have to police a parent who is drug-addicted or just overall irresponsible? Dr. Phil weighs in.



Imprisoned by Her Dad's Addiction

Robert has been in rehab six times in the past four years for an alcohol addiction. His 14-year-old daughter, Keryn, pours out his beer daily, cleans up his bloody wounds after drunken falls, and walks him home to prevent the police from arresting him!

>"His alcoholism has robbed me of my childhood."


Caught in the Middle

Robert's wife, Eileen, says she feels torn between protecting her children and loyalty to her husband. Will she stop enabling Robert's addiction, and will Robert get the wake-up call he desperately needs?   

>"You've taken a very non-emotional, hands-off attitude."



Words of Wisdom

Dr. Phil sits down to talk with Keryn as one child of an alcoholic to another. Keryn has been her father's overseer for so long, is it too late to reverse their roles?



>"He's not your job anymore."