Is a woman guilty of paternity fraud if she puts the wrong man's name on her child's birth certificate? And should that man then be responsible for paying child support? Men who claim they've been victims of the perfect crime fight back.



Deceived and Trapped

Enrique says he was shocked and angry to discover that he was not the biological father of his youngest daughter, Selina, and that she was conceived during his ex-wife, Maria's, adulterous affair. Maria says Enrique raised Selina for 10 years but then cut her out of his life to get out of paying child support. She says Enrique's new wife, Mia, is to blame for the fractured relationship.


"I feel totally preyed upon."



Selina Speaks Out

Selina says she feels abandoned by the man she used to call Dad. Dr. Phil goes backstage and talks with her one on one. Will she decide to let Enrique back in her life?



"I didn't think he had it in his heart to leave me behind."



He Fought the Law and Won

Carnell Smith suffered a similar fate to Enrique, and he chose to fight. He says he's tired of seeing women trap men and get away with it. And, high-profile feminist attorney Gloria Allred joins the discussion to argue why men like Enrique should continue to pay!


A heated debate ensues.