Dr. Phil tackles the emotionally-charged topic of DNA tests.  Recently making news, Spice Girl Mel B. had a DNA test done to prove Eddie Murphy was the father of their baby. Dr. Phil conducts a paternity test for one of his guests and gives you the chance to be there when he reads the results " but don't expect any brawling theatrics on Dr. Phil's stage!  



Blood Relation?

Terrie claims one of her grandchildren does not look like any of the men on her side of the family, and definitely not like her son, Adam. Is Terrie just a meddling mother-in-law, or is she right in thinking her son is not her grandson's biological father?


"The Turner side has strong genes. All the men's kids look like them."



DNA Doesn't Lie

When Dr. Phil reads the results of a top-notch DNA test, will Terrie's suspicions be legitimized or put to rest? And what will they mean for her relationship with her son's family?



Is Adam really Trevor's biological father?



Dialing Down

Dr. Phil drills down on Terrie's relationship with her grandkids, while Diane reveals her strong feelings toward Terrie.




"You've really got a bad attitude about that."



Daddy Dispute

Kristie says she became pregnant after a brief affair. When she told the father, she says he changed his phone number and disappeared... until Dr. Phil found him.



Will the man Kristie says is the father of her unborn child take responsibility?

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