Dr. Phil continues his look at a teacher sex scandal that has a school and families divided in a small town in Texas. High school teacher Joelle Ogletree faces accusations of sexual misconduct with some of her male students. Hear both sides of this gripping sex scandal from the accuser and the accused, and judge for yourself if justice has been served.

Note: Due to strong sexual content and language, viewer discretion is advised.


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Facing Her Accuser

Matt maintains that when Joelle was his high school French teacher, she came on to him. Joelle says she's completely innocent but reluctantly agrees to face Matt on Dr. Phil's stage. When Dr. Phil drills down into the details of the case, it's her word against his.


"I'm not saying it didn't feel good, and I know it wasn't right."



Open for Interpretation

Matt says that as a student he received sexually explicit notes from his former teacher, but that the notes were written in code. See the encrypted messages and judge for yourself: Are they provocative or harmless? Then hear how Joelle and Matt interpret them.


Are the notes provocative or harmless?



Moment of Truth?

Matt agreed to take a polygraph test and have the results reviewed by an independent examiner. Find out what the test reveals and how Matt reacts when he hears the results read aloud, as he sits face to face with Joelle.


"Did you ever experience touching for sexual purposes with Joelle Ogletree?"

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