How do you get through to rebellious teens who think they are invincible? When Alex and her mother, Kim, last appeared on the show, Alex was an out-of-control 14-year-old who was using drugs, running away and prostituting herself to older men. The family moved into The Dr. Phil House for an intervention, and the teen was on the road to recovery. Now she's spiraling back out of control.



On the Run

Shortly after returning home to her mom, Alex was back to her bad behavior and having sex with strange men – some of whom she met on Craigslist! After leaving an ominous note for her mother, she went on the lam again.


"She had gotten drunk and five guys took advantage of her."



Search and Recovery
Dr. Phil recruits investigator Harold Copus to hit the streets of Seattle to find Alex. When Harold confronts the teen, Alex has a major meltdown, then comes clean about the risky behavior she engaged in while on the run.


"I heard somebody beat you up last week."



Risky Behavior
Alex admits to having unprotected sex with up to 50 men in a six-week period, so Dr. Phil has her tested for pregnancy and STDs.




What will the tests reveal, and will Alex reconcile with her mom? 

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