From a celebrity's controversial meltdown caught on tape to birth control in school, Dr. Phil and Bishop T.D. Jakes tackle tough issues.



In the Doghouse

The nation was shocked when Dog the Bounty Hunter spewed slurs in a phone conversation with his son, Tucker, and used the N-word repeatedly when referring to Tucker's black girlfriend, Monique.   


"It's the attitude that is really pervasive in our society."  



Battling Bigotry

Monique's mother, Linda, says she was appalled by Dog's tirade. Civil rights activist Al Sharpton, rapper Master P, and BET correspondent Jeff Johnson weigh in on the fate of the embattled reality star.  


Should Dog lose his job over a private conversation? 



A Legacy of Hate

Nooses, a powerful symbol of racism for blacks, are cropping up across the country. Najee Ali, founder and co-director of Project Islamic Hope, shares his views on empowering the black community and combating stereotypes. 

Can race relations be healed?



Contraceptive Controversy

Dr. Phil tackles another issue that has people outraged: 11-year-olds being given birth control at King Middle school in Maine. Also, a mom who feels conflicted about putting her 14-year-old on contraceptives. 


What does Dr. Phil think?

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