The ultimate test for any parent is loving a child who is difficult, sometimes frightening, to the whole family. It's a test parents of autistic children are put to daily.  With more and more children being diagnosed with autism, Dr. Phil shed's light on this mysterious disorder.



Child on the Verge?

Ten-year-old Luz throws screaming tantrums, barks like a dog and tells his mother, Sara, that he plans to kill her. Sara has long felt despair at Luz's out-of-control behavior, yet she was shocked when he was diagnosed with autism.   


"My mom is dead. I'm going to eat her carcass."



A Reason to Hope

A member of Dr. Phil's own staff achieved miraculous results for her autistic child and her whole family through an intensive program. Could a similar treatment work for Luz? Plus, what causes autism? Child care expert and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears weighs in.


Are vaccinations to blame for a diagnosis of autism?



Victims without a Voice?

Some mothers in Las Vegas say a teacher allegedly abused their autistic children, and they've filed a lawsuit. Hear them recount the painful details of the alleged abuse. What are their chances of winning in court?


"Suddenly, Christopher would just start crying for no reason." 



Learning to Dance in the Rain

Meet five children with autism, and hear from their mothers as they reflect on the disorder. Plus, Dr. Phil reveals the early warning signs to look for in your child.



Find out what every parent should know.