Dr. Phil continues the story of a mother who says she lives in fear every day that her 18-year-old daughter, Katherine, could be killed by a man she met on the Internet. 



A Family in Anguish

Two weeks ago, Katherine flew to the Middle East to be with Abdullah, a man she met online and wants to marry. Her family is terrified that she's in danger and won't be allowed to return home.



Dr. Phil confronts Abdullah. Has he been lying to Katherine?



An Agreement with Dr. Phil

Katherine's family thinks Abdullah is a verbally-abusive liar who is controlling Katherine and putting her in danger. Dr. Phil explains to the young couple how they can have a relationship and put people at ease.  


"You haven't done one thing to get a visa."



Not Without my Daughter

Betty married a man who tricked her into going on vacation in Iran and then kept her prisoner in a country where she had no rights. She was subject to brainwashing and beatings before finally escaping with her 4-year-old daughter.  


Still in hiding after nearly 30 years, Betty has a message for Katherine and her family.