Michelle thought she and Wade had the perfect marriage, until Wade admitted to keeping a horrible secret from his wife. Little did she know, this one revelation would be just the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Phil continues the startling story of Wade and Michelle. 


Catch up on what's happened so far!



Behind-the-Scenes Drama

After the taping of their last appearance on the show, the couple repairs backstage, where they immediately get into an argument. Emotions run high as Dr. Phil joins the pair for a talk.


Learn how Dr. Phil responds to a tearful plea from Wade.



A Shocking Confession

After returning home, Michelle calls a Dr. Phil producer and leaves an ominous message. When Dr. Phil returns her call, find out the shocking bombshell Michelle drops.



"I'm going to tell you something huge, and I'm scared."



Breaking Away

Saying she fears for her life, Michelle arranges a protective order against her husband, which sets off a dramatic chain of events. How does Wade respond to the court order?



How does Michelle wind up in the hospital, and Wade in jail?



Living with a Murderer?

Dr. Phil sits down face to face with Michelle for details of the emotional journey she has been on. Plus, he checks in with Agent Kircher for an update on the investigation.



"Did you try to kill yourself?"



Next, Dr. Phil sits down face to face with Wade and asks some hard questions. You don't want to miss it!