We live in a culture that glamorizes svelte celebrities – from Angelina Jolie to Nicole Richie. But some women put their lives in jeopardy for the sake of being skinny.



Starving for Perfection

Jessica weighs 95 pounds and has battled anorexia for 10 years. She says she's obsessed with exercising and counting calories, and only sees a fat woman when she looks in the mirror. Jessica's younger sister, Theresa, fears for Jessica's life.


What's at the root of Jessica's disorder?



All in the Family

Jessica isn't the only one in her family fighting anorexia. Her 12-year-old cousin, Nicole, was recently hospitalized because she lost 60 pounds in the last three months – all in an effort to look like Nicole Richie.


"You are going to die soon."


Prone to Purge

Alita became bulimic at the age of 17 when she weighed 220 pounds. Now, at 24, she's 95 pounds lighter. Alita says she binges every day and then purges. Alita's father, Frank, worries that she'll die if she doesn't get help soon.


Is Frank enabling her bulimia?

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