Should you stay in a marriage with your husband if you find out a secret that disgusts you? Wade made a shocking confession to his wife, Michelle, only after he failed a polygraph test that she made him take. Will he now come clean?



A Chronic Liar?

Michelle thought she and Wade had the perfect marriage until recently when Wade admitted he was keeping something awful from her. He says he withheld the truth in order to protect her.


"I just have this deep feeling there's a lot more that I don't know."



Suspicious Behavior?

Michelle made Wade take an online polygraph test, which he failed. Now she's convinced he's having an affair, and lately he has come home from work with his clothes smelling like perfume. Wade says there's a simple explanation.


"Wade will lie about everything until he's caught red-handed."



The Second Polygraph

Wade said the first lie detector test results weren't accurate, and he wanted to take another test to prove his innocence. Michelle says that if he fails this one, she will divorce him.



Will Wade pass or fail the test?



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