Do you ever wonder why kids from the same family grow up to be so different from one another? Dr. Phil's guests are siblings who have taken different paths in life, lost their close bond and now want to rebuild their relationships.


Overachieving Sister, Underachieving Brother?

Sister and brother, Jenna and Rob, used to be best friends, but now they barely speak. Jenna is immersed in college, volunteer work and a busy social life, while Rob works part-time at Dairy Queen. Jenna says her brother needs to grow up. Their mom, Karen, wants to know how to motivate Rob to get his butt in gear!


"When you're 20 years old, you're no longer a teenager."


Good Twin, Evil Twin?

Identical twins Mandy and Jennifer say they can't get along, and every time they see each other they fight. Mandy says ever since she walked down the aisle, Jennifer has been jealous of her. Jennifer says her sister is way too judgmental.


Can Dr. Phil help these twins in turmoil repair their bond?