Dr. Phil follows up with a family torn apart when the mother was banned from her only son's wedding. The bride-to-be, Michelle, said she'd rather burn in hell than let her future mother-in-law, Jane, attend the ceremony, and her fiancé, Jay, stood behind her decision. This sent the entire family into a tailspin.



The Big Day

From the moment they walked off Dr. Phil's stage, the guests continued to point fingers at each other. After watching the show five times, did Michelle or Jane gain any perspective?



Was Jane allowed to attend her son's wedding?




Family Reunion

Michelle, Jay and Jane face each other for the first time in two months. Jane says she's changed, but Michelle and Jay have their doubts. Find out why receiving flowers from Jane almost caused Michelle to get a restraining order.


"She just thinks she can do whatever she wants to do."





Hope for Moving Forward?

Michelle's mother, Shannon, and Jay's uncle, David, and cousin, Jesse, return. Do they think there's hope for a reconciliation? Plus, Dr. Phil has strong words for Jay and Michelle.



"You're not going to like what I'm going to say."


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