Obesity is a huge problem for adults in this country, but now it's becoming an epidemic among young children. Dr. Phil has advice for placing your child on the pathway to health.



Morbidly Obese Toddler

Barbra says her 3-year-old daughter started gaining weight at 6 months old and now weighs 80 pounds. She and her aunt, Dana, are baffled by what they believe is a medical mystery because they say the child doesn't overeat.


Is Barbra contributing to her daughter's weight gain?



Refrigerator Bandit?
Misty doesn't know how to stop her 7-year-old daughter, Kaylie, from sneaking food at night. Kaylie weighs 145, pounds, and is the butt of cruel jokes at school.



"Food is her best friend."



Mom in the Middle

Tammy and her two kids are obese, and she says she can't change their eating habits. Her sister, Debbie, says the boys' portion sizes are too big and the family is just lazy.


Can Dr. Phil get Tammy to stick to a nutrition plan?



Fowl Play?
Tonya is desperate for help because she can't get her overweight 2-year-old to eat anything but orange chicken.




Can Tonya teach her tot to tame his taste buds?


Deadly Eating

Jessica says her mom, Angie, is blind to the health issues of her 351-pound sister, Jaleisa, who is only 15. Jessica says her mom never buys healthy food, and she fears her mom has Munchausen's syndrome. Angie says she can't monitor Jaleisa's eating habits all day.


Can Angie turn this situation around, or is it too late?