Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Sandy and Ava, who confronted their biological father, Frankie, about his alleged involvement in an adoption scam.

Sandy and Ava claim Frankie and his former wife, Karen Leanne Dees, “sold” their children in an adoption scam, where they promised prospective parents they could adopt one of their unborn babies in exchange for financial support. Their brother, Dalton, says he was Frankie and Karen’s ninth child who was adopted. He claims his biological parents put a $3,000 price tag on his head and that he was the last child “sold” before his mother was arrested. Plus, meet one of the prospective parents who adopted one of Karen’s children. Find out why she says Frankie belongs behind bars. And, Frankie’s youngest child, Ava, says she was raised by her father after her mother was arrested by the FBI -- but she says she did not have a better life than her siblings. Find out a dark secret Ava reveals about her father, and why she wants him to take a polygraph test. What happens when Dr. Phil offers Frankie the opportunity to take a polygraph test?

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