Sky claims her husband, Josh, has not only left her body covered in bruises but has also stolen her identity in order to steal thousands of dollars from her, and wiped out her retirement savings.

Sky claims her husband is willing to go to great lengths to destroy her life, including threatening to have her deported and recently having her arrested and thrown in jail. Josh, who denies many of Sky's claims, admits he has abused Sky in the past but insists she deliberately pushes him to the point where he just snaps. Josh admits he exaggerated Sky’s abuse to the police in order to have her arrested and “teach her a lesson” because of, he claims, Sky’s violence toward him. Josh claims he has never physically abused anyone other than Sky, but his ex-fiancée, Ashley, tells a much different story. How will Josh react when he learns Ashley is in the studio and ready to face him? Plus, how will he react when Dr. Phil shows him video of his behavior?

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