Stacey says she was living the perfect life as a mother of six children and wife to a successful business owner, until 2009, when she says that she found out that her husband of 23 years, Dave, was cheating on her with a woman half his age, who she claims was an exotic dancer.

Stacey says that when Dave refused to end things with his girlfriend, she moved with their kids into a two bedroom apartment, and claims Dave started a new life with his girlfriend, moving her into a brand-new house. Stacey claims Dave would call her while living with the girlfriend and tell her that he wanted to get back together with her – and when she refused, she claims, Dave became verbally abusive with threats of violence.

Dave, on the other hand, says he worked long hours to provide for his family but got nothing in return from Stacey, who he says never showed him any affection. He says the other woman made him feel alive for the first time. Dave absolutely denies abusing Stacey and says he was the one who was trying to avoid getting into fights with her since she would always call the cops on him.

Now, seven years later, Stacey, who recently suffered the death of her boyfriend of two-and-a-half years, is living on Dave’s couch. The former couple wonders if they can – and should — try to pick up the pieces and be a family again. Can Dr. Phil help this couple revive their relationship – should they?

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