In part 2 of one of the most bizarre love stories to come across Dr. Phil’s stage, with Ryan and Suzanne both accusing each other of manipulation, what exactly does Suzanne’s twin sister Michelle’s will say, and is Ryan really entitled to it?

As the inconsistencies pile up, Dr. Phil uncovers a massive secret that changes everything. You won’t want to miss the explosive conclusion to this fascinating story of lies, deception and emotional extortion!!

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‘Whose Will Is It?’  Attorney Questions Validity Of Document

A Twin. Her Will.  A Ring. A Car. Are Any Of Them Real?

‘I Know That You Don’t Have A Twin Sister, I Just Don’t Know Why You Invented A Twin Sister’

Woman Who Invented Identical Twin Says She Did It ‘Cause I Was Hurt’ 

Dr. Phil To Pair He Says Manipulated Each Other: ‘Pot Meet Kettle’

Duo Admits Mutual Manipulation – Will They Accept Help? 

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