It was a national news story that shocked and broke hearts across the nation: an 11-year-old boy committed suicide after an alleged social media prank.

Katrina Goss says she found her son, Tysen, hanging in his bedroom closet after she says his reported “girlfriend” faked her own death. How did what is being called a “cruel teen joke” spiral so out of control? In an exclusive interview, Katrina shares intimate details of that fateful night and heartbreaking last moments of her son’s life. Plus, find out why she says she believes this may have been something more than a prank.

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Grief-Stricken Mom Speaks Out About 11-Year-Old Tysen Benz Committing Suicide After 'Social Media Prank'

Mom Of Tysen Benz, Who Committed Suicide, Says She Noticed Behavior Changes In Her Son

Mom Says Tysen Benz Had A “Regular Day” Before He Ended His Life

Tysen Benz’ Mom Reveals What She Claims Police Said Happened The Night Her Son Took His Own Life

I Don’t Wish It On Anyone Or My Worst Enemy,’ Says Grieving Mom Of Taking Her Son Off Life Support

Grieving Mom Calls For Stricter Laws On Internet Pranking and Cyberbullying After Son Takes His Own Life

‘We Don’t Have All The Facts,’ Says Dr. Phil Of Tysen Benz Tragedy

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