Six months ago, Dr. Phil met Courtney, who claimed her former friend, Amie, had fabricated multiple pregnancies and even babies’ deaths. Courtney claimed Amie posted sonograms, ultrasounds, and maternity photos and even held a baby shower for twins Courtney claimed never even existed.

Amie insisted she was not lying about any of her pregnancies or babies’ deaths and wanted Courtney to back off and stop making a mockery of her lost children’s lives. It took two days to sort through Courtney and Amie’s accusations, which finally culminated in Amie storming off the stage. So what has happened after the show? Find out today. Plus, Dr. Phil meets with a 19-year-old girl who was only 14 when a dangerous secret she was hiding was suddenly exposed when the FBI showed up at her mother’s door with evidence of a twisted and dark world that left this young teen’s mother heartbroken.

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