Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Jordan and Kyle, a young engaged couple who came to the show to tackle “major issues” they are facing before they get married. Jordan claims Kyle, who has a black belt in karate, has pushed her to the floor, hurt her eye, and left bruises on her body during physical holds they call a “take down.” Kyle not only denies abusing Jordan, he says that “take downs” are merely him trying to stop Jordan when she is being aggresive toward him and that she shares blame for their relationship problems. And, hear from Jordan's mom, who says she wants her daughter to leave her fiance, speaks out to Jordan and begs her to reconsider staying with Kyle.

Plus, Robin McGraw shares how the Aspire News app, created by her foundation When Georgia Smiled, could help save a life and shares warning signs of potentially abusive relationships.

Man Responds To Fiancée’s Allegations He Caused Bruises: ‘I Have No Idea’ How They Got There
A Couple At Odds: Will She Call Off The Engagement?
9 Red Flags To Look For To Identify A Potentially Abusive Relationship

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