Cultural appropriation, to many, means people with a privileged status taking cultural identity markers from members of a minority community without permission or acknowledgment. This can include language, art, music, literature, clothing, food, beauty standards/traditions, social norms, customs, and values. So, does that mean that a Caucasian person can’t own a Chinese restaurant? Can a Latina wear braids or locks? Should children never wear Halloween costumes that depict another culture, ethnicity or race? When does admiration turn into appropriation, and is the argument against appropriation just? Does the anti-appropriation movement ever turn into a form of racism? Meet a young woman who says she received death threats for wearing a dress from another culture, a woman who says she was called out for cosplaying a Japanese anime character, and a woman who says people need to stop stealing other cultures' foods and calling them their own. Dr. Neal Lester, Foundation Professor of English at Arizona State University, Brittany Collins, influencer and business owner, and Amala Ekpunobi, PragerU personality and host of the podcast Unapologetic LIVE, join Dr. Phil for a passionate debate.

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