BeVee and Steve say they are on constant high alert as they never know when their 15-year-old daughter, Taylor, will be triggered into a violent outburst.

They say these outbursts are like uncaging a rabid animal, as Taylor will sometimes punch holes in walls and hit her mother. Taylor says she has absolutely no control over her outbursts and blames her parents, particularly her mother, for much of her violent behavior. Taylor says BeVee is her “trigger” and that if her mother left her alone, she wouldn’t be so mad all the time. BeVee and Steve say things are currently so bad that they are terrified any form of punishment may send their daughter spiraling. Steve says right now, his only option is to physically restrain Taylor, and admits to one time resorting to hitting her with a belt! These parents wonder if maybe they are doing something wrong and contributing to this house of chaos. Dr. Phil weighs in -- don’t miss it!

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