Larissa says her 14-year-old daughter, Noelle, is a "beautiful disaster.” Larissa says she cannot control Noelle, who is constantly breaking the rules, bringing drugs into the house, and has even stolen her car and backed it into a neighbor's mailbox!

Larissa says her daughter has absolutely no remorse for her actions. Noelle's stepfather, Sean, says the chaos in the house became so unbearable for him that he packed up and left the home twice because he needed an escape from the mayhem! Noelle's biological father, Jared, says the answer to Noelle's poor behavior is not to send her to a mental hospital like her mother has done in the past. In fact, he says the best cure for her is to live on his family ranch where she can hunt, fish, and be a "normal teenager." What does Noelle have to say about her behavior?

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