Laura admits to driving drunk thousands of times but says she’s only been “caught” three times. Laura admits that even after receiving her third DUI, she still didn’t learn her lesson and totaled her car after she hit a guardrail, flipped over, and was saved by her airbags. Laura says she doesn’t want to drink and has tried to stay sober but claims the alcohol always wins. Laura says right now, her mother, Shirley, believes she’s 82 days sober but what Shirley doesn’t know is that Laura didn’t make it past 55 days and is drinking again. Laura says she has continued to drive drunk and drinks while driving. Laura says she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself if she hurt someone while driving intoxicated, but she can’t seem to fight her addiction. Dawn and her daughter, Katie, share their tragic story of when Dawn’s car was struck by a drunk driver killing three of her children. Is this the wake-up call Laura needs to put down the bottle for good?

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