Lori and Bob say they moved into their current home seven years ago but they still haven’t unpacked. In fact, their home is so full of clutter, they claim they are being buried alive by their belongings and only have a small path to maneuver around their house. The couple says the house is so full, they each only have a barstool to sit on, and their smoke alarms have been beeping for two years because they can’t climb over the boxes to change the batteries. Find out why Lori places some of the blame for their living conditions on Bob being a hoarder -- and why Bob places some of the blame on their cat for creating a mess! Lori and Bob say they need to sell their home for financial reasons but are stuck because of what it looks like on the inside. Can Dr. Phil help this couple? Plus, Dr. Phil’s resident parenting expert, Donna Tetreault, shares The C.A.S.T.L.E. Method, her new tools for building a strong family foundation.

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