Vicki accuses her daughter Shawna of abusing her granddaughter, after she says she found 15 bruises on her and witnessing Shawna tell her she is “worthless” and “stupid.”

Shawna admits to having “smack[ed] the crap” out of her daughter and telling her she was the biggest mistake of her life, but claims it was discipline. Shawna’s husband, James, says he generally agrees with his wife’s discipline and says it’s their daughter who is out of control.

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Woman Says She ‘Put The Fear Of God’ In Daughter As Discipline
Woman Claims Daughter Uses 12-Year-Old Granddaughter 'As A Slave'
Man Says He Stands By Wife’s Strict Disciplining Of 12-Year-Old Daughter
12-Year-Old Says She’s Desperate To Stop The Hitting, Screaming, Fighting With Mom
Mom Admits Discipline Of 12-Year-Old Has 'Crossed The Line'

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