In June 2022, the United States Supreme Court stripped away constitutional protections for abortion that had stood for nearly a half-century. Pro-life supporters cheered on the ruling, while pro-choice supporters pledged to fight it. Now, in a post-Roe America, women are caught at the center of legal confusion because of these often-vague state laws. Nancy Davis says she was about 10 weeks pregnant when the fetus she was carrying was diagnosed with acrania, a fatal condition where the fetus’ skull does not form inside the womb. She claims she tried to have an abortion, but doctors denied her, because in her home state of Louisiana, abortions are banned. In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, Nancy and her partner, Shedric, reveal what she had to do to get a legal abortion. Nancy’s story is at the center of one of the decade's most controversial and heated debates: abortion. Today, hear from both pro-choice and pro-life advocates.

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